Schieber Winery

„Terroirobliges” in Szekszárd – obviously there has to be a winery at Kadarka Street 100. In the once cellar line, only the buildings of our winery implies to what inhabitants of the street used to do a hundred years ago. A press-house and dwelling house under local architectural protection, built in the 1800s in Classicist style, welcome visitors. There is an old, three-tined cellar squirming below.

Vineyard: Everyone at Schieber Winery is an enthusiast of Baranya Valley: most of the plantations can be found here, such as: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot and kékfrankos.We have 23 hectares of vinery in Baranya Valley, making us the owners of the biggest vine-growing area. Most of the vine-stock is 15-25 years old, but soon our latest planted kékfrankos, dornfelder and syrah vines turn productive, too.

Baranya Valley the vineyard

Baranya Valley is part of Szekszárd Hills, which are surrounded by Sárköz and the valleys of Völgység and Lajvér Stream. The hill area, lying west of Szekszárd, has anintensely vertically divided geographical structure and can be best described with a dense and deep system of valleys, higher areas covered with loess, hilltops and sliding slopes. Its geographical structure is made up of red clay and loess covering layers of bed-silt. Lower hilltops are covered with thin layers of lime stone and loess.

Come and visit us to become part of the beauties of the wine land and our hospitality!

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